Denis (Jagannath)

Denis (Jagannath) is one of the finest Indian traditional music performers in Russia and east Europe. Started learning classical music and Tabla at the age of 14. After spending 4 years in JNCC cultural center in Moscow, his first Guru Hashmat Ali Khan invited him India to extend his skills. Despite his success as an actor in pantomime theatre Denis decided to go India at the age of 18. Later due to his experience and talent, Denis became an apprentice of Rafiuddin Sabri, who is considered to be one of the top tabla players in India. As a representative of Delhi Gharana, Sabri family has been developing the Indian music tradition over 400 years.

During his stay in India, Denis performed at the biggest International Yoga festival(2010) in Rishikesh, India and at the most important music venues of India. In 2009 Denis recorded the album “The Soulful Friendship” together with prominent Indian musicians Mohtram Sabri (sitar) & Basharat Ali (vocals). Besides that he accompanied the winner of the GRAMMY AWARD Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ustad Shahid Parvez (sitar), Harsh Wardhan (Bansuri), Sabri brothers (qawwali) etc. Denis recorded the album “Mother Earth, Father Sky” with Huun-Huur-Tu and Sainho, issued in Germany. “Levitation” album (2010) with Tony Levin by Goatika Creative Lab. Denis's music was on the air at Indian radio and TV channels as Sanskar TV, National Delhi etc. Denis is the soloist of the Hermitage classic orchestra, the creator of the fusion band S.A.M.H.E.Y, the lead player in Sangamproject(jazz). He is the laureate of the 14th International Festival “Jazz Outback” (2009), the finalist of the young performers' competition “Usadba Jazz” (2010), the laureate of Woodtock international festival in Poland (2004). Denis also finds creative pleasure in organizing concerts and large scale events in Russia.

Denis plays percussion instruments of South India, Africa, Arabia.
A basic list of instruments covered by Denis includes the following:

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